Son Gual Golf Mallorca!!

    Frux are proud to announce that on 27th May 2022 , at Son Gual Golf Mallorca we will hold a Golf Day and fundraiser,  around 60 guests will attend.

    The Las Vegas experience !!

    We are planning a marvellous 7 day trip to Las Vegas.

    This trip includes visiting the famous Las Vegas Strip and taking in one (or two) of the world renowned shows.

    JUNE 2ND – 6TH 2022

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    The Celtic Foundation Golf Day Experience!!

    The Celtic Foundation Golf Day sponsored by Frux will take place at Renfrew Golf Club Scotland on June 03 2022.

    JUNE 16TH – 19TH 2022

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    We are off to Sweden to the wonderful city of Stockholm!!

    During the visit we will savour the incredible local food specialities in the top restaurants of the city.

    AUGUST 17TH – 22ND , 2022

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    August will see the Frux Team visiting the Czech Republic again.

    The wonderful Kaskada Golf Club, will for the second year in a row, be the venue of the Frux sponsored, Business Tour Morovia Event.

    October is scheduled for the final week of the FRUX GOLF WORLD TOUR with the final golf day taking place at Son Gual Mallorca

    once of Europe’s best venues for golf, great food & drink, and entertainment.